Load Board’s


A proper load board is essential to a dispatcher, so I wanted to take a minute and write a short review of the most popular and effective load boards out there. And it is obvious for some I will talk about two giants on the market.

Truck Stop and DAT, those two have more freight posted each day then every other load board combined, this is why I call them giants, they both offer similar options they both have cheap and more expensive versions TuckStop: (Basic 39$) (Advanced125$) (PRO 149$)
DAT: (TruckersEdge 35$) (Enhanced 50$) (PRO 100$)
(DATPower Board 150$)

If you are serious about finding some good freight I recommend you get a top tear product from any of those companies, the cheap stuff is not good, you’ll have more luck screaming to the people on the streets if they got any loads, just kidding to be serious you will need professional tools to search desired lanes fast and efficiently. Lower-and boards do not have features like broker credit check, average days to pay, ability to sort lanes by rate posted, dollar per mile and most importantly cheap versions don’t have a live board, live board means as soon as the broker posting the load you are seeing it highlighted.

Live board is extremely important, good freight will not wait for you
all day as soon as the load pops-up you call and you better be the first one to call. Dispatch job requires knowing what you want and acting fast
no broker has time hearing you snooze on the phone, it is a fast paste environment and proper load searching tool will make you faster.