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Load boards are online matching systems that enable people to place goods for transportation, find optimal transportation and payment solutions by negotiating appropriate trucking agreements.

In the trucking industry of the USA, it is difficult for new truck owners and clients to make the right choice among online freight load boards. It often takes time to determine the optimal load board.

Therefore, the best start is to familiarize yourself with the services of digital load boards that dominate the freight market and compare the tariffs and prices of shippers. We offer a quick overview of the services, prices, and availability of two load board leaders: DAT Solutions and Truckstop.com

The DAT Solutions platform

The DAT Solutions digital platform is known in the industry as the authoritative trucking load board. This site is represented by three functional matching systems online. These are DAT Power (the fastest search in the industry), price USD150 per month, DAT Express (instant access to trucks), price USD100 and also DAT Truckers Edge (optimal lane rates — Basic USD35, Advanced USD50, and PRO USD100).

In 2017, DAT merged with GetLoaded, which is one of the leading marketplaces in the industry. This allowed expanding the presence of DAT Solutions in the cargo transportation market. This platform handles more than 485000 cargoes every day, running a data of 1.3 million trucks.

DAT Power allows you to search for cargo, trucks, and all set of transactions at the moment. There is shown a volume of freight rate information covering 65,000 routes according to actual transactions. DAT Power guarantees 24/7 coverage for payments up to USD1,000.

DAT Express targets small business freight forwarders, owner-operators, and fleets to provide them with cargo to upload maximum truck capabilities. If the ads on load boards for owner-operators match the request of the cargo owner, then warnings and routes are generated, avoiding dead miles.

The operators when using DAT TruckersEdge, get access to the entire US truck and transportation markets. DAT TruckersEdge offers route-specific average rates, credit information, and informs thousands of freight forwarders when payments are due.

The pricing

It costs USD150 per month to use modern DAT Power technology. The DAT Express agent package costs USD109 and USD99 for the operator. DAT Truckers Edge costs an average of USD34.95 to USD49.95, while truck information is free.

Availability of a mobile application

All DAT Boards provide customers with mob access to the corresponding application on Google Play and Apple Store. The application has got a 4.1 stars rating on Google Play.

The Truckstop.com platform

This freight load board was launched in 1995 under the name Internet Truckstop. It is widely known in the USA as the first trading platform for online freight search. Currently, around 200,000 carriers, freight forwarders as well as shippers use the search functionality.

Truckstop.com has 3 levels. Truckstop Pro is an online tool on a real-time basis having the functionality to find the highest-paid shipments. The Truckstop Advanced platform provides shippers and agents with credit and payroll information. Truckstop Basic publishes messages which are updated every 60 seconds.

The prices

The TruckstopPro package costs USD149 monthly. The Advanced version costs USD125, while Basic costs USD39 monthly.

The mobile application

Truckstop Mobile application is available to participants of these three cargo platforms both on Google Play and the App Store, being installed on any brands of smartphones. On Google Play, the application is rated 3.4 stars.

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